Workation at Utopia Farmstay

Welcome back to Utopia

Have you been longing to get out of the city, but aren’t sure of the precautions a hotel might take during this pandemic? Are you looking for a workspace which takes you away from the claustrophobic city rigmarole? Look no further. 

We’ve spent the past few months charting out a plan on how we can continue hosting guests in this “new normal”. From safety precautions to adapting to new digital lives, we’ve put together a list of practises that we believe will help us tide through these times.    

Adapting to the new normal...

In the good old days, we didn’t have televisions or Wi-Fi on our property. Because guests weren’t cooped up in their rooms watching Netflix, they were able to look away from the screens & really interact with each other! People would come as strangers and leave as friends. It was this sense of community that made us truly love what we were doing!

Unfortunately, we understand that in these times, the internet has been our only saving grace. Which is why, we’ve arranged a fibre broadband. Should you need a private connection, we can also provide a dongle on request, subject to availability. While one cannot expect supersonic speeds on a rural farm, we’ve had several guests who’ve managed to work remote using these devices. Should there be a power cut, we also have a generator back-up available. 

We understand the importance of nutritious meals. While breakfast is included in your stay, we’re arranging for simple, home-cooked food for you. These meals will be prepared with utmost precautions. As an added layer of safety, you’re welcome to serve yourself & microwave the plate. 

While washing your own garments is not permitted, we will be arranging for a laundry service for your clothes. Guests are requested to allow us up to 4 days to provide this service. Reason being, we’ve kept a day’s gap to let the clothes remain after they come from the laundry. This is a precautionary measure to ensure that no germs or viruses are transmitted through the laundry. 

Besides this, if there are any other arrangements that you would like us to incorporate, please feel free to reach out to us. While we aren’t a luxury resort, we will do everything in our capacity to make you feel at home.   

To see our complete list of amenities, please click here.  

Long Term Stay Meals


While dinning safely at restaurants may not be in our fortunes just yet, the need of the hour is to consume nourishing, home-cooked nutritious meals to boost our immunity. Keeping that in mind, all our meals are prepared with utmost care & love. 

Tea is prepared freshly in the mornings at breakfast. In the evenings we serve chai. Should you wish to consume them through the day, your rooms are fitted with a tea kettle, coffee powder, tea bags, milk powder & sugar. 

Breakfast includes one Indian preparation (Poha / Upma / Savory Seviyan), one egg preparation (bhurji, akuri, etc). We also have cornflakes, milk & toast served daily. Along with a seasonal fruit which depends on what is being harvested on the farm. 

For lunch & dinner, we arrange simple, home-cooked Indian meals. These include two vegetables, dal, rice, rotis. The vegetarian preparations include wholesome pulses, assorted vegetables or some nutritious paneer. We can also arrange for chicken dishes on prior notice. Unfortunately, as a safety precaution, we will only be serving cooked meals during this time.  

Precautions we are taking

We understand how concerned you must be on what precautions we are taking. Because we are a homestay experience, we assure you that we are doing everything in our capacity to keep both ourselves & you safe. Here is a list of precautions that we are are taking.

  • Mandatory RT PCR for all guests – As the covid cases have begun rising again, we’re making it mandatory for all guests to do an RT PCR 2 days prior to their arrival. This way, you’re guaranteed that all other guests on the property will be tested during your stay as well. 
  • Contactless bookings – All our bookings & check-in procedures will take place online. We will not be taking any cash transactions.
  • Gap between bookings – As we are only operating on limited capacity, at no point in time will one room have back to back occupancy. Each room will be kept vacant for a minimum period of seven days prior to the next check-in. 
  • Ventilation & Plumbing – There is growing evidence that the virus can transmit through centralised air-conditioning or plumbing. Unlike most large hotels, all our units have their own independent plumbing & air-conditioning which prevents the spread of any viruses. 
  • Social Distancing – An open air farm stay gives us the luxury of practising social distancing without cramping anybody’s style! At no point during your stay will you come in close proximity to any of our staff. As a safety, we will also not have more than three-four members from our team on the property.
  • Safety – Needless to say that all our staff will be wearing masks at all times. It is also obligatory for all guests to wear masks on the property. 
  • COVID testing –  All guests must be double vaccinated (15 days after second shot). 
  • Temperature & Oxygen checks – We will be checking temperatures (with thermal guns) & oxygen levels (with proper sanitisation) of all guests & staff on a daily basis. 
  • Sanitizers – The common areas will be equipped with sanitizers at all times. 
  • Luggage sanitizing – All luggage will be sanitized on arrival. 
  • UV disinfection box – Should you wish to disinfect your plates, cutlery or any other items, there is a UV disinfection box available on request. 


Answers to all the FAQs

What about the internet connectivity?

We're arranging two internet lines. One will be a broadband line which offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps. The second would be a personal Wi-Fi dongle for each individual. Should one internet get interrupted, you're welcome to switch to another one. 

Do you allow pets?

No. We are not a pet-friendly accommodation.

Other FAQs?

Do you have any other FAQ? Do reach out to us on +91 8779621583 and we can help you. 

Does the stay include all meals?

Yes, your stay includes vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner. Non-veg is available on request at an additional cost.