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Precautions we are taking

We understand how concerned you must be on what precautions we are taking. Because we are a homestay experience, we assure you that we are doing everything in our capacity to keep both ourselves & you safe. Here is a list of precautions that we are are taking.

  • RT PCR for all guests during covid waves – As the covid cases have begun rising again, we make it mandatory for all guests to do an RT PCR 2 days prior to their arrival. This way, you’re guaranteed that all other guests on the property will be tested during your stay as well. 
  • Contactless bookings – All our bookings & check-in procedures will take place online. We will not be taking any cash transactions.
  • Ventilation & Plumbing – There is growing evidence that the virus can transmit through centralised air-conditioning or plumbing. Unlike most large hotels, all our units have their own independent plumbing & air-conditioning which prevents the spread of any viruses. 
  • Social Distancing – An open air farm stay gives us the luxury of practising social distancing without cramping anybody’s style! At no point during your stay will you come in close proximity to any of our staff. As a safety, we will also not have more than three-four members from our team on the property.
  • Safety – Needless to say that all our staff will be wearing masks at all times. It is also obligatory for all guests to wear masks on the property. 
  • Vaccinated guests only – We check the vaccination certificates prior to accepting a booking.  
  • Temperature & Oxygen checks – Temperatures & oxygen levels of guests will be checked during covid waves.
  • Sanitizers – The common areas will be equipped with sanitizers at all times. 
  • UV disinfection box – Should you wish to disinfect your plates, cutlery or any other items, there is a UV disinfection box available on request.