What is this about?

This five-day journey weaves the three disciplines of inner work, creative movement, and yoga into a powerful container to explore who you are and your connection to the world around you.

Gift yourself the opportunity to connect deeply with your inner self, held in love by the expansive serenity of Nature. Enter an environment that cares for your being, through gentle yogic practices, nourishing home-cooked food, an innovative blend of movement explorations, and a compassionate meeting of the many parts of your self through inner work.

Learn to identify and release limiting beliefs, rejoice in the miracle that is your body, and begin to build a relationship of love and respect with your body, heart, and soul. Meet and delight in your fabulous vulnerable human self, by shedding old layers of thought, belief, and habit and stepping forward into new life. 

Journey through the labyrinth of your being to uncover the truest potential of your own Astitva

What to expect?

Uncover your inner calling

Embark on a transformative journey to unveil the true calling of your soul. Articulate your purpose, find your guides you, and infuse your life with a sense of purpose beyond the ordinary. 

Reinvent yourself

Embrace a playful approach to life, ensuring your inner child thrives. Delve deep into your self to uncover and release constraining patterns and limiting beliefs. Gain the awareness and insights needed to transition from a reactive existence to a mindful life of response. 

Release Blockages

Explore and identify the sources of your blockages, whether rooted in past experiences, limiting beliefs, or unaddressed emotions. Learn to let go of these emotional, mental, or energetic barriers that hinder personal growth and well-being.

Tranform your relationships

Delve into introspective practices and gain valuable insights into your own emotions, communication patterns, and relational dynamics.  understanding of your needs, desires, and boundaries. You will gain a newfound self-awareness that will enable you to communicate authentically, fostering more meaningful connections with those around you. 

Recalibrate your nervous system

Through a carefully curated blend of mindfulness practices, breathwork, and rejuvenating activities, the retreat aims to provide a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Engaging in these transformative practices allows you to tap into the restorative power of the present moment, alleviating the burdens of stress and anxiety.

Discover community support

The space becomes a nurturing cocoon where you feel safe to explore your vulnerabilities, share experiences, and connect on a deeper level. This communal atmosphere not only fosters a sense of belonging but also serves as a catalyst for transformation.

Meet the facilitators

Anjali Nair

Anjali Nair

My love affair with the creative arts began at an early age, and continues to this day. As a performing artist, I have been lucky to work with theatre and movement artists who have taught me the power of curiosity and compassion. As a movement facilitator in schools, I have been blessed to encounter the greatest honesty and freedom of play from children. I am currently training in Somatic Experiencing™, a therapeutic model that has changed my life, and my desire is to share the learnings I have experienced with other people, so that we all may find ourselves a little lighter and a little brighter in this world.

Saunskruti Kher

Saunskruti Kher

I've had two entrepreneurial ventures. A travel company in Spiti & a digital marketing company in Mumbai. Wanting to know myself more and heal, I found Yoga. Since then, I have completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Institute, a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education from Kaivalyadhama, and a Yoga Instructor Certification from Svyasa. I've fallen in love with the practice and it has become my safe space. I hope to do my Masters in Yoga Therapy and spread the magic.

Sharmishtha Ranade

Sharmishtha Ranade

I am a Life Coach, a Transformational workshop facilitator, Family Constellation Therapist and a soon to be Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I am always in the space of immersing myself in various practices and concepts that create a more empowering and meaningful life for me and in turn exploring various avenues of sharing the same with others. Loving and Living the Now!

What will the sessions entail?

Inner Child Healing: Reconnect with your inner child and unlock the innocence, creativity, and joy that resides within you. Heal old wounds, nurture your inner self, and embark on a path of self-discovery.

Belief System Breakthrough: Uncover and rewrite the limiting beliefs that have held you back. Craft empowering beliefs that lead to personal growth and success, freeing your mind to manifest the life you desire.

Non-Violent Communication: Master the art of compassionate communication, forging deeper connections, and resolving conflicts with grace and empathy. Transform your relationships and your life.

Creative Visualization: Harness the power of your imagination to set intentions, dreams, and desires into motion. Watch your aspirations take form and your life transform.

Rackets Unraveled: Identify and dismantle patterns that have kept you trapped in unproductive behaviors. Liberate yourself from the rackets that hinder your growth.

Affirmation Bath: Immerse yourself in a soothing bath of positive affirmations, reprogramming your subconscious mind for confidence and joy, setting the stage for lasting change.

Breathwork: Experience the transformative power of conscious, intentional breathing. Release tension, stress, and trapped emotions, and embrace a newfound sense of peace and resilience.

Bodywork and Creative Movement: Celebrate the profound connection between mind and body. Release tension, express emotions, and reconnect with your vitality through creative movement and bodywork.

Yoga and Shatkarma: Journey through the ancient practices of yoga and Shatkarma, purifying and strengthening the body and mind. Unveil your inner balance, energy, and self-awareness.


1. Who is this workshop for?

This holistic transformation workshop is designed for individuals who are eager to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and inner healing. It’s for those who yearn to break free from the constraints of limiting beliefs, find their inner child, and unlock their true potential. If you seek to improve your communication skills, nurture harmonious relationships, and harness the power of visualization, this workshop is your guiding light. Whether you wish to release emotional baggage, achieve a more vibrant connection between mind and body, or simply experience a profound shift in your life, this workshop is for you. No matter your age, background, or prior experience, all are welcome to join us on this transformative voyage toward empowerment, authenticity, and lasting change. 

2. What are the charges?

The charges are INR 25,000 per person. This includes your stay in twin sharing rooms, 3 vegetarian meals in a day and the workshop fees. If you’d like, you can also upgrade to a private room at an additional cost subject to availability.

3. How many participants will be present?

There will be a minimum of four participants and maximum of twelve participants. 

4. What do I need to carry?

We recommend carrying a diary to make your personal notes. Appropriate clothing for asana sessions and a pair of walking shoes will be needed. Please do carry some warm clothes too because the evenings can be chilly. 

5. What are the different sessions being conducted?

There are three different sessions being conducted through the day all directed towards the same goal. The inner work sessions include learnings from Louise Hay’s Heal your Life 

6. Do I need a background in any kind of inner work?

No. While it always helps if you have done some kind of work with yourself, it is not necessary. 

7. Will I learn any fancy asanas?

No. This is not an asana centric workshop. But we use yogic practices (asana, pranayama, kriyas) to deepen our inner svadhaya.

8. Can I come only for a day or two?

Unfortunately as we’ve designed the course with a certain flow, you must complete the course from start to finish. 

9. How do I sign up?

You can Whatsapp us on this link: or email us on and we will share the sign up process. 


Wondering what your day will look like? Here is a brief of what to expect. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. 

6.30 AM - 8 AM
Yog Asana, Pranayama or Shatkarma with Saunskruti
8 AM - 8.30 AM
8.30 AM - 9.15 AM
9.30 AM - 11 AM
Inner Work with Sharmistha
11 AM - 11.30 AM
11.30 AM - 1 PM
Creative Movement with Anjali
1 PM - 1.30 PM
1.30 PM - 2.30 PM
2.30 PM - 3.30 PM
3.30 PM - 5 PM
Inner Work with Sharmistha
5 PM - 5.30 PM
Chai Break
5.30 PM - 7 PM
Creative Movement with Anjali
7 PM - 8 PM
8.15 PM - 9 PM
Closing Session

What happens on each of the days?

Do fill this form if you’d like to sign up and we will reach out to you!

Pictures from our Yoga Retreats

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