How to reach Utopia Farmstay?

Utopia Farmstay, Nashik is located close to Sula Vineyards, York Winery and Soma Vineyards in Nashik. To reach us, please follow the instructions below. We also recommend taking a screenshot of these instructions as you could possibly lose connectivity on your way. 

1. Please pin York Winery in Nashik on Google Maps.
2. From York Winery, go down the road (direction west) for 200 meters.
3. On your right, you will see a board which says Yahvi.
4. About 20 meters ahead, you’ll see another board for Avanti and Le Fromage and Utopia Farmstay. You will see a half-closed gate there. 
5. Take a right there. It’ll be a tar road wide enough for one car. 
6. Go till the end of mud road till you reach a T-junction. There will be a sign for Utopia Farmstay.
7. Take a left at the T-junction.
8. After about 10 meters, you will see a sole concrete house on your right. There will be another sign for Utopia Farmstay.
9. Immediately after the house, there will be a mud road which goes downhill.
10. Follow the road which goes downhill. (If the road hasn’t gone downhill, you’re probably in the wrong place). 
If you reach Seeyona Resort, Get Lost Restaurant or Soma Vineyards, you’ve gone way ahead. Turn back. And drive till Seeyona Yatch Resort. Immediately after Seeyona Resort, you’ll see a left turn onto a tar road (with a half-open gate). Please turn in there. 

Incase you are lost, please do send us a photo of what you see on this WhatsApp number: +91 8779621583 and we can assist you. Alternatively, you can also call Uttara & Adwait (who’s number we will send if you have booked a stay with us!). 

You can also watch this video for the directions.